The Royal Dutch Casa de Santa María is located in the heart of this fascinating area.

The house, which the family has owned for generations, was built in the 18th century and still conserves its original ceilings, 4.5 meters high; the walls are 80 centimeters deep, and the doors and windows are the same ones that let the warm sun shine in throughout the centuries.

The name, “Casa de Santa Maria” alludes to a profound devotion to the Virgin Mary and was also the name of the Hacienda that the family owned, in the early nineteen hundreds, in the outskirts of Mazatlán. There, they raised cattle, sold coal and used a de-mineralizing process to separate the rock from the minerals and obtain gold, silver and copper.

The founder of the family, Jose Maria, had one son and two daughters. He named his son after himself, following the tradition of the land, and young Jose Maria married the beautiful María. They had two sons (the oldest one was named after his father, Jose Maria) and seven daughters; all of them had the name of María as their first name.
This beautiful house, still dearly loved and cared for by the family, carries proudly its name and its years of history.

Bed and breakfast, Royal Dutch, Casa de Santa Maria Constitucion #627, Centro Historico, CP: 82000
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
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